Is A Barre Workout For Me?


You’ve probably heard the tales of friends who have taken their first barre class. It’s an extremely intense workout. It works muscle groups you never knew you had, making you sore for a few days after you first try it and you will definitely be holding positions that make your muscles burn. All of these statements are true. So, you may ask, “is barre for me?” The answer is a resounding, “yes!”

Barre is a workout that anyone can do. Whether you are a professional ballerina or someone with little to no experience as an athlete, barre is an excellent workout to get you in shape and keep you fit. The workout is designed to work muscles to fatigue. Following this, you will stretch the muscles you just worked in order to create a long, lean look. As a beginner, you may be wary of being the new person in class. Trust us, we’ve all been there. At Barre 59, we’re here to help you along your journey to becoming stronger. Our instructors will offer corrections and tips to better your form. In as little as 10 classes in 30 days, you will start feeling stronger and more confident in your practice. If you don’t want to take our word for it, ask any of our long-time clients. Their stories are what keep us motivated to work with everyone to reach their fitness goals.

In our next blog post, we will be highlighting some of our clients who have used Barre 59 workouts to get in shape after the birth of their babies, before their weddings and those who were just looking for a quick, effective workout. Stay tuned for more!


The Barre 59 Team


The Skinny on Barre 59


Barre 59 opened in October of 2013, offering a high intensity ballet barre- based workout that incorporates some of the best and most effective practices including pilates, yoga and weight work. We’re thrilled to hear of the results of our clients and see your smiling faces each day.

So, you wonder, how did Barre 59 come to be? “Redefine your lines” isn’t just a phrase, it’s our mantra, thanks to our fearless leader Lisa Lehmkuhl. Lisa grew up living and breathing ballet. She danced nearly every role in the Nutcracker, including Claire. Some of her favorite memories were at the ballet studio next to the barre. As a teen, she danced for the Toledo Ballet Company and Chicago ballet.

Barre 59 Owner Lisa Lehmkuhl

Barre 59 Owner Lisa Lehmkuhl


Her ballet career didn’t stop at childhood. Lisa attended Texas Christian University (TCU) and had the pleasure of dancing for the Fort Worth Ballet Company.

Dance was not her only passion at school. She immersed herself in the study of business and graduated with a BBA in Business Administration, but didn’t stop there. Her next move was earning her MBA at Penn State University with an emphasis in Finance. She went on to work for several major consumer product companies in New York, Atlanta and Denver. While working in New York as Director of Strategic Planning with RJR Nabisco, Lisa began studying the Lotte Berk Method and Yoga. Lotte Berk was a dancer and a teacher who is famous for developing an exercise method concentrates on targeting specific areas for strength and flexibility training. It was these two practices that helped Lisa realized her passion for the combination of exercise and dance.

Hours of training and two kids later, Lisa began teaching yoga and barre. She saw the changes barre made to her post-baby body and to her students. The results were so inspiring, she opened her own studio in 2009. The rest is history!

Each and every exercise in the Barre 59 classed has been carefully designed to ensure you redefine your lines. Come in and see the difference 59 minutes can make!